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Lisfranc luxation

Compare with the plain radiograph of this injury in the related image. Lisfranc luxation. Open reduction and internal fixation has been recommended as the treatment for most unstable injuries of the Lisfranc ( tarsometatarsal) joint. How can the answer be improved? CT scan in the coronal plane can demonstrate the extent of injury at the joint. Lisfranc ( midfoot) injuries result if bones in the midfoot are broken or ligaments that support the midfoot are torn. Lisfranc Injury ( Tarsometatarsal fracture- dislocation) HPI - trauma at work in April, initially only treated for scaphoid fracture with plaster removed one month later,. Oct 05, · Standard anteroposterior radiograph demonstrates a Lisfranc fracture dislocation. Determining the extent of fracture involving the joint is difficult with plain radiographs. Prof Frank Gaillard et al. Lisfranc injury, also known as Lisfranc fracture, is an injury of the foot in which one or more of the metatarsal bones are displaced from the tarsus.
Degenerative changes are reported in up to 100% of subjects in some case studies. The severity of the injury can vary from simple. Lisfranc injuries, also called Lisfranc fracture- dislocations, are the most common type of dislocation involving the foot and correspond to the dislocation of the articulation of the tarsus with the metatarsal bases.
Post traumatic arthritis is the most commonly reported complication following a Lisfranc injury. Lisfranc injury Dr Henry Knipe and A.

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